Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ke$ha Album Review

Welcome to Ke$ha week!

Ke$ha, though not a newcomer to the music industry, her name has been on everyone lips as one of the most interesting new musicians to hit the radio waves.  With her nearly naked wardrobe, crazy antics, and obsession with glitter she'll be talked about for a long time to come.

Joelle's Take:

I first heard Ke$ha when she did the female part of "Right Round" by Flo Rida.  I immediately decided to look her up on mysapce.  At the time, she only had some rough versions of songs on her page, including a cover of a song by The Veronicas.  Her music was catchy and not like anything I had heard before.  Her lyrics were honest, to the point of just admittingly saying she partied and didn't give a crap about who knew or any of the consequences.  I liked it.  So I ordered the album "Animal".

"Tik Tok" came out on the radio and suddenly everyone was all about Ke$ha.  Her song had gone viral and was playing every hour on the hour.  I didn't care at first because my friends and I would blast it on repeat as we drove around town.  Soon after that her next singles "Blah Blah Blah" and "Your Love is My Drug".  You couldn't check facebook without seeing someone quoting "I like your beard".

The album is definitely one to keep in mind when throwing a party, but one of the great things about Ke$ha is her slow music and her "not screaming" voice is actually pretty good.  One of my favorite songs is "Blind", which is all about a guy who is blind to not be with her an dhow she is not going to be caught crying over him.  "Dancing With Tears in My Eyes" is another really good song.  Its another song talking about being alone after ruining a relationship she was in.  Its almost sad to listen to, which makes it so great.  "Take It Off" is a great party song with a catchy hook in the chorus.  But the best one, which was one of the songs on her myspace before the album came out, is "Backstabber".  Everyone knows that girl who talks crap and spreads lies and gossip, and Ke$ha calls a girl out on it.

The album as a whole is awesome.  I love it and I can honestly say it will be one that I go back and listen to five years from now and say "OMG I remember when that song played on the radio 500 times a day!"

Xoxo Joelle

Ashley's Take:

Whether you love her or can't stand the sight of her, Ke$ha took over the radio waves in a big way this past year.  Her singles "Tik Tok" and "Your Love is My Drug" are still getting numerous amounts of play and every time I hear them I catch myself singing along.

The album "Animal" is very much a feel good, party album.  For what it lacks in substance it makes up in catchy beats.  The lyrics are fun and unapologetic, they make you feel an exciting rush of adrenaline, as if you're sneaking out your window on a Friday night past curfew.

As you listen through the album you start to realize that what makes Ke$ha good has nothing to do with Ke$ha.  The songs stand on their own, as good songs do.  The beats are great, the lyrics fun, and Ke$ha has nothing to do with either.  She could be replaced with any very limited vocalist with some attitude and no fan would know the difference.

Some people say that the kind of music that Ke$ha makes is slowly killing real music, and I can't help but agree.  While her bubble gum, glittery, drunken songs are fun, let's be realistic here, she is no icon that we will be listening to ten or twenty years from now, but thats no reason to not have fun while it lasts.

Peace & Love